Psalm 51

Psalm 51:
In faith, David is asking for mercy according to what He knows from the Lord, His steadfast love and his abundant mercy. According to these things, he wants the Lord to blot out his transgressions. Wash and cleanse are ascribed to human capabilities. We wash and cleanse ourselves with water to make clean.
David asks according to what He has seen and what He has heard, not what He hasn’t seen. But He is asking the Lord to cleanse him, something He won’t see in the human form. He’s asking in a human way as well, to wash and cleanse.
He understands and knows what He did wrong. He knows that he sinned against the Lord, and in this, wants to make sure all glory goes to God. That He had nothing to do with it, and that this was all David’s fault. He’s being incredibly humble in this regards. David knows that he is sinful, he was brought forth in sin, but he also knows that the Lord delights in the truth of the inside, and knows the Lord teaches him wisdom in his heart.
Hyssop – a plant that cleanses. He wants to be purged with hyssop, purging – rid someone of an unwanted feeling, memory or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release. He wants to be completely rid of his sin, and once this happens, he will be clean and whiter than snow. He trusts in the complete cleansing of the Lord. The idea is that once he is purged, there is no more trace of the sin. For me that means no holding onto it, no lingering effects, no lasting memories. We are completely and totally cleansed. No program to help us through, no counseling, just wham, bam and done. I believe this does happen, but I believe in our sin and folly, we don’t understand that this has happened, and we hold onto the sin on our own.
He doesn’t try and punish himself. He wants to hear joy and gladness, and wanted his broken bones to rejoice. He’s been broken, and finally wants to be cleansed and to be released from his suffering. He’s asking the Lord to make in him a right spirit and to be not cast away from the Lord presence, to not take away the Holy Spirit, and to be restored. He’s asking knowing that he cannot do any of this himself, but he does know what he needs. He knows what he needs to do to ask and come before the Lord with right heart. And he’s asking the Lord to fulfill this for him, knowing that he can’t do it himself.
Having learned how this works, he says he will be able to teach transgressors His ways, and sinners will return to Him. It’s interesting to think of this. That once he is fully clean, he is completely clean, and done. There is no more for him to learn on this subject, now it’s time to teach others. This definitely is not how we do things today. We fall back again and again and again. Especially having the blood of Christ with us, We repent, and then run right back to that sin. We don’t take the cleansing as a full and complete cleansing, which means we are no longer subject to that sin. If we allow ourselves to go back to that place, then we forget the cleansing, and let our flesh take over. But we are not bound by anything, as we tend to think. Such as addictions, if we truly believe that we are cleansed and that this cleansing is full and complete, that there is NO more sin within us once we are cleansed, we don’t have to go back to an addiction. We understand and realize that the power of Christ is stronger than the power of the flesh. Than the power of sin. Christ has CONQUERED sin. So when we are raised with Christ, we have conquered sin as well. It’s powerful to think about.
Once he is delivered from bloodguiltiness, then he will sing of the Lord’s righteousness. He asks the Lord to open his lips, and then his mouth will declare His praise. What does it mean to open his lips?
The Lord is more interested in a broken and contrite heart than burnt offerings, which anyone can do. A broken and contrite heart are harder to do. Because are hearts are deceitful, we can say that we’ve a broken heart, but the attitude behind it may be wrong. Only the Lord knows for sure. Once the heart is in the right place, then the bull offering is to be made.
This is powerful to think about. I’m above sin. Above my continuous sin, and above the sin I do every day but don’t think about, the sin of my pride. Of my worries, and of other things I don’t realize. I allow myself to be put into a box, but I don’t realize that when I asked the Lord to cleanse me of my continuous sin, and then of my pride, I’m fully cleansed. Now I can teach others in theory, because the Lord has cleansed me, and has rid of me of my sin. He has fully purged me, and I am now clean. But I don’t do this. I run back to my comfort place, and allow sin to reign. If I think of it as a person, as it’s often referred to as in the Bible, and remove it from his “rulership” in my life, and then place God as my ruler, then ask God to cleanse me, and live by this, then I am fully believing Him when He says I am clean. I am walking by faith when I trust in what the Lord has promised me.

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