John 2

Clearly, Jesus’ mother was acquainted with the fact that Jesus could do miracles. She told him straight up, they have no wine. I like the fact that she presented the issue, but didn’t try to tell him how to fix it. She told him the problem, and expected that he would fix it. She then told the servants to do whatever  he told them to do.
-We should completely do the same thing. Simply present the problem to God, and then sit back and wait for him to handle the issue, without us telling Him how we think it should be handled. We wait expectantly for results. It’s a faith that I think God wants us to have when we come to him with requests.
Jesus then told the servants to fill the water pots with water, there were six stone pots containing 20-30 gallons each. Which is a lot. He told them to fill to the brim with water, and then take some out and take it to the headwaiter. He then told the groom that he had saved the best wine until then. But they now had six 20-30 gallon pots filled with wine!
-When we wait for results, God will give us much, much more than we could expect or ask for. More than we could ever want. And not only that, but the best that we could ever want. I’ve asked the Lord to handle my problem, and I’ll expect the best result, and even better than I could ask for, regardless in what form it may come.
Jesus drove the money changers out of the House of the Lord. He told them to stop making his Father’s house a house of business.
The church is not to be used as a workplace on Sunday mornings. It’s for glorifying God. Buying and selling does not do that in the least, you stop glorifying God in that process, and start looking to your own wants in that regard. The Lord is no longer the focus, and He should ALWAYS be the focus. I know that if I put my focus on the Lord, He will cleanse me in such a way. My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. And anything that takes the focus off the Lord will be cleansed out. I’m guaranteed of this.

John 3

Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, saying that Jesus must have come from God, because of the signs that He was doing. And Jesus answered him saying that one needed to be born again to see the kingdom of God.
It’s interesting Jesus’ response here. Nicodemus seems to be making a general statement, that Jesus came from God. And Jesus immediately starts talking about salvation. From what we can tell, Nicodemus didn’t ask him about it, Jesus just started talking about it.
Of course, Nicodemus asks Him how one can be born when he is old. He assumed Jesus meant physical birth. Jesus said to him that the birth he is talking about is of Spirit and water. There is a difference between fleshly birth, and then spiritual birth. When one is born of flesh, he is flesh. But when one is born of the Spirit, he is spirit. Jesus is talking to him in matter of fact way, saying do not be amazed, and also that no one knows where the Spirit is going, and where it comes from.
Nicodemus asks him how these things could be possible, and Jesus seems surprised that he doesn’t know these things. He says if Nicodemus doesn’t understand earthly things, how would he understand heavenly things? He then tells him that no one has ascended into heaven but the Son of Man, who descended from heaven. Once He is lifted up, then whoever believes will have eternal life.
Jesus then tells Nicodemus how to be saved. That the Son of God came into the world to save whoever would believe. He came not to judge, but to save. Those who did not believe, would then be judged, those ppl loved the darkness more than the light, because they did evil deeds. Those ppl do not come to the light for fear that their evil deeds will be exposed. But the ones who practice the truth come to the Light, and his deeds are manifested as having been wrought in God.
What I find interesting is the that this very important conversation, the conversation of salvation itself, the one that changes the course of the world’s was held in quiet meeting between two people, at night. It wasn’t given in a speech, it wasn’t broadcasted to the world. It was simply between two people. Yet these verses are probably the most famous verses in the Bible, and the most key verses in terms of salvation. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
John understood his role in life. That his purpose was not about him, but about Jesus. His disciples did not understand this, and were seemingly confused as to the fact that ppl were going to Jesus. They missed the entire purpose of why John was there. He was there to prepare a way for Jesus, not bring glory to himself. John, however, knew, and knew what was to happen. That Jesus must increase and that he must decrease. He was able to see his purpose fulfilled in a certain manner, that he did prepare the way for Christ.
Unfortunately, we don’t live life in this way. It’s all about how we can get ahead, how we can better ourselves, not how we can glorify God. Even when we are actually trying to glorify Him, we still get caught up in ourselves. I hope I don’t miss my purpose altogether, worrying about how I can better myself, and bring glory to myself. I hope I can decrease and the Lord can increase. I also see in these two passages, that Jesus focused on salvation. Which is what I believe I should focus on. When the focus of the church stops focusing on saving and reaching to the lost, then the church has gone astray. When we get caught up in little differences, we lose the main focus. We don’t need to argue about what someone’s interpretation of certain aspects of the Bible is. If the Bible itself is preached, in it’s glory, and not in the interpretation of someone, then we are on the right track. If we stick to that, and stick to the main thing, which is saving souls, then we are on the right track. We must decrease, the Lord must increase. I believe He will show me how I can do that.

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