Da Feels

I’m lame. I just read back some of my posts and omg.. the stuff i’m afraid to say, because I’m catering to what i want people to know about me if they ever happen to read this. I found myself rolling my eyes more than once reading. So in the wake of stalking and listening to some awesome Lucian remixes… I’m gonna be quite real at this point in time.

Lucian remix up top.. for your viewing and listening pleasures.

I don’t like to be regulated by time. I actively rebel against it. In my own little way. By being late to everything I do, and not getting to bed on time. Like I’m doing right now. This does nothing to help my health, but I do it anyway.

I’m having tooth pain, and I’m suffering in silence because I don’t want to offend or put the dentist out by saying something. But it hurts a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if I have diabetes. I have symptoms, but I’m putting it off. I was told that I was in the high risk category for it, and needed to lose weight. An IMPOSSIBLE task.

More Lucian

I like to stalk people. More than likely, if I’m interested in you, I’ll find out everything there is to find out about you as long as I can until road blocks come into place. The internet greatly aids me in my stalking adventures.

Speaking of adventures I like to go on real adventures outside, but I’m too lazy sometimes.

Work stresses me out a lot, and while most of my coworkers think i’m super laid back, I’m actually not. It’s the facade I put on. There are times I could give crap about what they think, but there are times that I do. More times than not it’s the latter. By the time I come home, I’m so stressed, all I wanna do is turn my brain off and relax. That generally means chilling out and watching tv.

I’m on eharmony to find Lurrrve. Which is actually a word I heard my mother use earlier today. Hilar. It’s not going well. One failed relationship, and a million non-potentials. Fun times.

I’ve kind of given up, except for the person that I”m currently stalking. You’re on the list buddy. And you’re a great candidate. Muahhahaha

I’ve learned recently to say no. To things I don’t want to do, to things I’m not comfortable with, and to offensive people. One of my friends greatly offended me today, and when I told him what his offense was, he said “hmmmm…… alrighty…..” -______-

So I’m keeping my distance from him, cause he clearly could give a crap about how I feel about what he did. That’s just the little warning flag for me that says hey…..  back the j’eff up. He don’t cuurrre.

I feel like I should probably get some sleep, cause I will literally hate myself in the morning. Cause I plan on getting up and working out. I probably will, and will once again, hate myself for doing so. I like this whole daylight savings thing tho… it’s fantastic. I don’t like how dark it will be, but those things can’t always be helped. Feeling like I slept longer than I did is the key. It’s all about sleep. Of which I should get. Like now. After this song.

Done deal.

Yea I’m just gonna listen to the rest of this song, let my imagination run, and then head to bed. J’eff my inevitable self-hatred.

I also think i’m incredibly funny. I crack myself up all the time. But I look to others to tell me I’m funny. J’EFF THAT, I”M FUNNY!! Heckerssss yea!

Dang it, song almost over. Sleep time . ARGH.

I’m pushing “J’eff.” It will catch on.


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