Singing career

So I told someone about my musical plight, but of course… I half-told them. A lot of people don’t realize just how seriously I see myself in my future career, I don’t really see much past that. But so as not to seem silly or dumb, I dumb it down and make it seem like I’m like well if I make it, that’d be great, but if not… then that’s fine too. In reality.. yes, if I don’t make it, I have plan B, but as of now… that’s my goal. I think that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, the only thing that makes sense at this point in time. The only thing about it is it’s not guaranteed. I think that’s the whole point of it. At least for me. For me to fully trust God and let Him do that part. The fact that I can’t physically make it happen, I have to step out and let Him do it, is very telling. I just read the other day about one of the kings of Israel/Judah following the Lord wholeheartedly, and God prospering him. Also about one of the kings getting a threat from a rival king saying that God won’t deliver him, that this king would give him whatever he wanted if he just gave into him. But the king trusted in God. Even when humans say no, I have to trust God when He says yes. I’m pretty positive that God wants me to become a singer. I don’t know yet in what capacity, but I believe that it’s fairly simple. Literally start learning an instrument, write 5 songs that I’m going to learn to play, and then start playing them in the area. Get more songs out, and just get exposure. It’s easy to do that part. If I do that, then I let God do the rest. I don’t have to worry. It’s interesting putting that part into perspective. Just doing what I know how to do, and then letting God do the rest. It takes the worry out of it. I think I’m more worried about making a fool out of myself, of trying and then it not happening. But I can’t be worried about that. It doesn’t hurt to try. I have a full time job, I have what I need. I believe this is my last stopping point when it comes to jobs. I’ll keep this one, but I need to start out my career in singing. It’s not hard, just I have to get an actual schedule going and stick to it. That will be hard for me. I can stick to something if I see it going somewhere, but just starting something randomly with no clear end in sight, plus my non dedication to things… will be very hard for me. But it’s not impossible. All it takes it me just doing it. It’s that simple. Just do it.


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