Loving Myself!!

Ugh. Guys Guys guys. they wreck me.

I’m forever single and that’s how it’s been. Whyyyyyyy?????

I like Christian to some extent… he’s quite fun, but he drinks too much and smokes too much and likes to play games. Plus the way we was touching me was like…. uhhhhh no appropro. But I like his family a lot! Why? I dunno

Abi. that was just a hot mess all the way around. never again.

Any other guys?? :-(. If Daniel weren’t so young, I’d definitely talk to him. But he’s too young!

I personally think I need to invest time in myself, enjoy me time, and learn to not depend on getting a guy to make me happy.

Ok fun “me” things to do

1. Have a dance partay once a day.
2. indulge in something delicious and expensive once a month
3. Go out into nature and watch the sunrise/sunset
4. “Escape” to a cabin to enjoy new scenery
5. Do a pampering move every so often, massages, facials, nails, etc.
6. Buy one nice outfit once a month.
7. Go running on a new trail or new part of trail once a week
8. Plan an exotic trip two or three times a year
9. Manage life and money!
10. Get proper sleep
11. Find a new and way more awesome job
12. Cut back on tv and things that won’t improve yourself
13. Don’t accept mediocre. Accept God’s best.
14. Love yourself.
15. And above all, love God.

Also immediately remove everything that doesn’t bring me happiness or brings me longing.

That includes tv, some music, this JOB! just to name a few. I only want positivity in my life.

No one can love you unless you love yourself. Watch the men start flocking once that happens, but by then, I won’t even care. I can’t wait to start loving myself!!


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