Week One

Week one went semi-well.  I’ve noticed my main issue is with time.  I have issues waking up on time, getting to bed on time, getting to work on time, I just dislike time.  But our world is maintained by time.  I can’t run away from it.  This week, I’m going to work on my timeliness.  Otherwise, food went well, I made some majorly good Mexican sweet potato skins, they were quite delicious.  I made 10 and they are now gone.  I still have batter left, so sometime this week I’m going to be making more.


Today I had my raw pad thai, and some raw corn for lunch and snack, the raw corn was delicious.  The pad thai had been sitting in the refrigerator for a little bit, so it didn’t taste as fresh, but still good.  Tonight I’m going to be making crispy potato strips and raw corn chowder.  I’m very excited about both of them.



I still indulged in some candy today and one cup of coffee, but all last week I don’t believe I had any coffee.  Win!

I managed to get my 3 miles in on Saturday, and outside, on a hilly trail.  That was awesome.  I need to work on my time, but it was still awesome. Tomorrow I run 4 or 5 miles.  Not so awesome, but I’m excited!  My goal is to keep up with Miebi.  Today I’m going to run 1.5 miles, but in a fast pace, about 8.30 mph, hopefully be done by 12.51 minutes.  We shall see. I gotta muster all of my strength for that! 


I’ve been sewing a lot, for friends and I’m going to start hemming my pants.  But I’ve been making money!  It’s been pretty awesome pawsome.  

I’m also looking into getting a part time job.  I need money for when I’m going to be paying off my student loans.  I need to make at least 500 extra per week.  

My main goal for the week is to make sure I wake up on time and get to work on time.  Yay!



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