Day 1 results

Yesterday did NOT go as planned. The only thing that went well was my resolve to make my dinner raw.  And i did.  And it was delicious. Very much so.  Here is a picture and recipe of what I ate.


Raw Avocado Wraps, I used romaine lettuce

Other than that, no workout, didn’t get anything done in the evening, ate terribly throughout the day, woke up late, got to work late…ahhh!!!

Today is turning out to be much better.  I still woke up late, and got to work late, but I made all of my food for the day, I’m set to work out with a friend later, and so far, besides the consumption of about 2 delicious candies, I’ve been eating well.  And reaping the benefits of doing so, no stomach ache!  

I’m going to be running 4 miles with one of my friends tonight, with a group of hardcore runners, and I’m pretty nervous about it.  I run fine by myself, but with others, I get this terrible urge to compete and it ALWAYS backfires.  No competing, I won’t win.  I need to resolve this in my head.

And I can’t go over 4 miles, or I’ll kill myself.  I need to resolve this and make it concrete in my head as well. 

(Concrete, Concrete, Concrete.) 

I’m currently inhaling grapes, and forcing myself to drink water.  Ugh, when did eating healthy become such a drag! 

(Think of the abs and smaller figure you’ll obtain! Think of the possibilities!! Stay the course mate!)

I guess I’ll stay the course.  🙂




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