Over the years I’ve been wrestling with issues that are easily corrected, such as weight, and daily discipline.  So I decided to blog my process to keep track of where I am.  I’m naturally a very disciplined person; I do well when everything is planned out, and tend to get stressed out or overwhelmed when that is not the case.  However, I’m also quite spontaneous and like to rebel against structure.  This of course creates an internal struggle that has spilled out into my way of life.  Lately I’ve been living the rebellious, spontaneous life, and have not been happy at all with the results.  So I’m making a change over to the structured, discipline life.  I’m looking to implement some new routines and ways of eating that should drastically change things and help me to start looking to the positive.

1. I want to seriously call myself a long distance runner.

– By long distance, I mean running more than 15 miles at one time.  At least.  I actually hate running.  With a passion.  However it’s better than any other exercise I’ve tried to pick up.  I despise workout dvds, my skin is sensitive to chlorine, and workout classes get old.  the actual act of running gets old as well, but I like the fact that I can run outside, wherever I want to (within reason) listen to whatever I want to listen to, run with a friend, or not.  I also like running on a treadmill, because it keeps me in check.  I’m one of those “all or nothing” type gals, and when I’ve set out to run a certain distance at a certain pace, I like to complete that goal.  I feel like a complete failure if I don’t actually do what I’ve set out to do, even if I’ve failed by 15 seconds.  I may need to tweak that attitude.  But it does help me stay in check.

GOAL: Run a half marathon on May 31st, 2013.

2. I want to start eating raw foods, aka become a raw foodist/vegan

-The idea of being a raw foodist has always intrigued me.  I’m not well-versed on everything, but I’ve dabbled in it, and have found that eating only raw foods gives me energy, removes the groggy feeling and keeps me alert.  I like the idea of eating the food that we were made to eat, the free food (Well free if you go out and plant it or find it yourself) that God made for us.  Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, yadayada.  Now I’m not against using the oven for some things, (hence the word vegan) but ultimately, I want to implement this way of eating fully into my life.   I have a very sensitive stomach and literally anything I eat makes my stomach hurt or gives me gas.  Except raw foods.  (There may be some other issues there, but I’ll figure that out later.)  Even as I write this I’m struggling with gas.  Anyway, I want to start out eating raw like half of the day, more towards the end of the day, and eat more starchy foods in the morning.

GOAL: Become a full fledged raw foodist/vegan

3. I want to discipline my life

– Ever since I was little girl, I would ask my mother every single night to give me a detailed schedule of the next day, and then hold her to it.  I enjoy making “things to do,” lists, planning every hour of my life, setting multiple alarm clocks, setting long term goals.  However, I rarely follow these lists.  I want to change that, I want to become so disciplined that I’m able to say NO!  to a little spontaneous indulgence, especially when that indulgence leads to massive gluttony.  (Which has happened on more than several occasions in the past)  I want to schedule my indulgences in, and stick to that schedule.   I want to be able to work on the projects I’ve given myself, like obtaining an accurate and clear understanding of the New Testament, music projects, and my French studies, just to name a few.. (ahhh!)

GOAL: To become a disciplinarian!! To eat breathe and live discipline!

So all in all, I think with these three life changes, I’ll begin to see the progress I’m looking for in my life; hopefully see positive changes, more time for my projects and become physically fit and healthy!

I’m excited!!

raw-food2 <—– Yummy! 🙂


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